Focus & Scope

Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature) is referred journal dedicated to the publications of research in the areas of Language, Literature, and Culture.

In the field of Language, it covers issues in Applied Linguistics such as Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Sylistics, Corpus Linguistics and others.

In the area of Literature, it deals with Modern and Contemporary Literature, Comperative Literature.

In the Study of Culture, it explores Cultural Texts and Practices, such as Popular Culture (Movie Analysis, Music Analysis).

Its overriding objective is to provide a forum for scholars and practitioners in the mentioned areas to address a broad cross-section of the professions.

Appropriate subjects include, but not limited to, the dissemination of well-conceived analysis, research reports, studies, and application of theories or approaches (critical theory, cultural studies, rhetorics, and others). By providing a public platform for publication, Lire Journal (Journal of Linguistics and Literature) hopes to encourage global community to think more broadly, thoroughly, and analytically concerning issues in the study language, literature, and culture.