Article Processing Charge

Our goal is to ensure articles are published as quickly as possible, subject to appropriate quality controls, and widely disseminated. This is made possible by an article-processing charge (APC) that covers the range of publishing services we provide. This includes the provision of online tools for editors and authors, article production and hosting, liaison with abstracting and indexing services, and customer services. The APC, payable when your manuscript is editorially accepted and before publication, is charged to either you or your funder, institution or employer.

Article Submission : 0 IDR

Article Processing Charges (APC) : 750. 000 IDR

Fast - Track Review

The usual and regular manuscript process of Editing, Reviewing, Copyediting, and Proofreading Process takes 5 - 7 months BUT with the FAST-TRACK REVIEW, the review, editorial decision, and author notification on this manuscript is guaranteed to take place within 3 - 4 weeks. This FAST-TRACK REVIEW, however, IS NOT A GUARANTEE that the manuscript will be published. It is NOT a FAST PUBLICATION but it is just a FAST-TRACK REVIEW. You will be charged an additional fee for this process. Please contact admin for further information.